Who we are


Everyone, at least once in their lives, should take a trip to the Amazon. This would allow them to appreciate the beauties that still exist on our planet, but that are being slowly destroyed by mankind’s supposed “necessities” and pure negligence.

An Italian tourist, Marco Antonio Molino, was stunned by the beauty of the Peruvian Amazon. Wherever he went, he enjoyed lush green horizons that gave him the feeling of being submerged in a wild and uncontaminated nature. This charming place inevitably has a profound effect on anyone who comes from the so-called “first world countries”. He therefore decided to spend a period of his life there. His prolonged stay gave him the opportunity to understand the main regional problem which is the slow destruction of the Amazon, otherwise known as “the lungs of the world”. The misuse of the natural resources is a current topic of study and research amongst academics worldwide. Concerned about these problems, Marco Antonio Molino got together a group of people and set up an NGO “Horizonte Verde” (Green Horizon), based in Iquitos the capital of the Peruvian Amazon. The objectives of the NGO were to contribute to the protection of these important natural resources which are enjoyed by everyone in this world. They want to protect and promote the sustainable use of the Amazon’s resources. Horizonte Verde understands that the main reasons for the destruction of the Amazon are lack of care, awareness and education. Therefore, the main focus of their project will be to run educational and awareness-raising campaigns for the local population, especially amongst the children and teenagers.