Adoptive School


Many childs in the Amazon. live in extremely poor and they can’t go to the School because the family can’t buy the School items.

The Proyect “Adoptive School” of the ONG “Nuestro Horizonte Verde”, works thanks to a Godfather or a Godmother that help with a little anual contribution, we can buy the school items to the Children.

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The Childrens will study and have a better future, avoiding the problems of exploitation , prostitution, delinquency, etc ..

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With only 35 Euros you can give them a year of School. Thanks to you they will study and have a possible better future !!!

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No it’s a mensual payment .. Only send 35 euros, one time !!

Many people decided maintein a Children of the Amazon and on private we can give a few names and details like reference, Let’s share the emotion and happyness of help a poorly Amazon Angel. Help us you too, make a solidary gift, don’t be part of the consumism make a change ..

Give LOVE !!!

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P.S: The Godfather or Godmother will recibe of our ONG in the Amazon “Nuestro Horizonte Verde”: Photos, Videos, Documents of the Children, Documents of the School vía email or Facebook and if one day you want come to meet the Child, you can do it, we want the máximun trasparence, all the donations are truly !!

If you want maintain a Children with the Proyect “ADOPTIVE SCHOOL” CONTACT TO US TO THE EMAIL:




-Botanical Calipso